We believe one of the best ways to protect our environment is to be thoughtful about what we consume and what we do with the products we purchase at their end-of-life (or their end-of-life with us).

We encourage you to think creatively around the continuous use of Big Bee, Little Bee products, and we’re so happy to reward you for sending your well-loved products into the world in a beneficial way.

Tell us your story and we’ll send you a $5 shop credit.

Here are some examples:

“My son just turned 12 and wanted to start using a Big ScrubBEE in place of his Little ScrubBEE. My best friend just had a baby so I gave one of his Little ScrubBEEs to her. He still kept one Little ScrubBEE to keep using to wash his face.”

“I carried stuff over to my sister’s house in one of my market bags. She thought it was cute so I gave it to her.”

“I live in a community that just experienced a natural disaster. I decided to donate some of my paperless towels because towels and blankets were urgently needed for little animals who’d been rescued.”

Please be sure to clean your products before passing them on. To sterilize your silicone products, just put them in boiling water for a few minutes. 

Tag us on social (#BEEginsWithUs) or email us (hello@bigbeelittlebee.com) to share your story and get your discount. 

Because the protection of our beautiful planet #BEEginsWithUs!