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Our mission is to provide families around the world with high quality, affordable, reusable goods in the interest of helping each one minimize their use of single-use paper and plastic, and lessen their environmental footprint.

About Amy (the Big Bee)

I’ve been inventing since I was the Little Bee’s age, but it took me many years to build up enough confidence to put something on the market. It’s been a wild ride, but the “work” brings me so much joy. I have no formal training in anything related to inventing or business (my degrees are in education and most of my work experience had been in voice over!), but I’ve had tons of fun figuring it all out as I’ve gone along. Now I spend quite a bit of my time helping others bring their ideas to life!

I grew up in New York, went to college in Southern California, and never left. I live here with my husband, Rob, our daughter, Marlo, and our two dogs, Walter and Auggie (please #AdoptDon’tShop). We’ve been on a a journey toward living a more sustainable lifestyle for the paste few years, and we continue to enjoy learning more about what that means every day.

About Marlo (the Little Bee)

My inspiration, my business partner, and my reason for everything!