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Rainbow Bright Bundle

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With its bright ruby color, Yum Punch from Erin's Elderberries in Virginia pairs beautifully with our Rainbow Build-A-Straws. This handmade fruit punch style “tea” is designed to be a healthier alternative to kids' drinksbut the grownups in our house love it too!

Includes 1 bag of Yum Punch (includes 3 dry tea sachets that each make 2 quarts of punch) + 1 set of Rainbow Build-A-Straws (6 straws) + 1 straw cleaner + 1 set of straw travel pouches + Medium Produce Sack

YUM PUNCH INGREDIENTS: USDA Certified Organic Hibiscus, Rosehips & Orange Peel

Recommendation: Yum Punch is unsweetened to you can choose your sweetener of choice! We love stevia over here, and a tiny bit goes a long way!

Note: The paper-based Yum Punch packaging tends to crinkle during shipping, so it will likely have a bit of a crinkly look upon receipt.