BEE Creative: ScrubBEE Painting

Simple art projects are so helpful when you're trying to keep little hands busy. Around here, we love making constructions out of used shipping boxes, a lot of cutting and pasting, and a good amount of painting. But painting with a brush can be tricky when your little ones are just developing their fine motor skills. If you have a toddler or preschooler at home, consider giving ScrubBEE painting a try. Its easy-grip handle is makes it simple to handle, making it fun to create those masterpieces!

So what type of paint is best? 


A Bit about Tempera Paint

  • Fast drying, water-soluble, and easy to clean
  • Unlikely to flake or crack
  • Please note that there is a variety of tempera paint called “egg tempera” that we do not recommend. Definitely not for use with children who may be allergic to eggs!

A Bit about Finger Paint

  • Colors are bright and contrasting
  • Texture is creamy and resists splashing and run off
  • Suitable to use with different objects like stamps, sponges, or ScrubBEEs

If I had to choose, I’d choose finger paint in this scenario, but either will work!



  1. Protect the work surface with an easy-to-wipe covering
  2. Tape a piece of poster board to the work surface so the paper is less likely to move around during painting
  3. Fill little dishes with paint (our BeeKeepers are perfect for this activity, but any shallow dish with sidewalls will work!)
  4. Have an old towel ready to wipe down the ScrubBEE between color uses (your Little Bee will probably mix the colors anyway, but it’s there just in case!


  1. Dip the ScrubBEE in one of the dishes.
  2. Stamp, swipe, or swirl the ScrubBEE on the paper
  3. Stamp a caterpillar shape, swipe a rainbow, swirl a sun…anything goes!
  4. When the activity's done, just rinse your ScrubBEE under running water, using your fingernails to loosen any dried paint. Good as new!