Big ScrubBEE Silicone Scrubber: Rose
Clean Bee Reusable Quick-Dry Towels: Charcoal
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Original ScrubBEE Silicone Scrubber: Slate
Build-A-Straw Reusable Silicone Straws Family Pack: Classic Size
Reusable Produce Sacks (6-Pack Set)

Making it Fun to Waste Less & Reuse More!

Our Original ScrubBEE is designed perfectly for little hands and bodies, and grows with your little one.

It's a best seller, a multiple award winner, and most importantly a parent favorite!

Original ScrubBEE

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Parents loved our Original ScrubBEE so much they wanted one for themselves.

Say goodbye to those ratty disposable plastic loofahs. The Big ScrubBEE is soft, effective, and built to last.

Big ScrubBEE

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1 Purchased = 1 Donated

For every ScrubBEE purchased, we’re giving one to a child in foster care through Delivering Good. Our goal is to brighten the holidays of children who rarely receive new things of their own.

This campaign runs through December 15th, and applies to any size ScrubBEE purchased on our website.

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The Big Bee & the Little Bee

We're a mommy/daughter duo from Southern California. All Big Bee, Little Bee innovations are created by the Big Bee (Amy), inspired by the Little Bee (Marlo).

We love helping families like ours decrease their use of disposable products and increase their use of reusable counterparts.

We believe LITTLE changes in our homes can lead to BIG changes in our world!