The Big Bee & The Little Bee



We’re a mommy-daughter, woman-owned, self-funded business. Together we invent, develop, and distribute all of our products ourselves—and we absolutely love it! We believe in the value of creativity. We love brainstorming and collaborating and tinkering. We’re small business supporters and dog lovers (#AdoptDon’tShop).

We love our beautiful planet and do our best to minimize our environmental footprint. We believe prioritizing the protection of our environment should start young, so we design our products with both kids and adults in mind. We’re committed to ensuring that our products are as affordable and accessible as possible because we believe everyone should have access to reusable goods.


About Amy (the Big Bee)

Although I didn’t pay attention to the pull for a long time, I think I was hardwired for inventor-preneurship since childhood. I ran many small (imaginary) businesses in my basement when I was Marlo’s age. I ran a restaurant, travel agency, movie theater, school, and a donut shop. I even had a discount store called Cheap Amy’s! ;) My only customers were my parents and my brother, but the customer experience was always excellent. I was inventing back then too. I’m sure everything I “invented” already existed in the world, but that didn’t matter to me. I just loved bringing my ideas to life. Fortunately, my parents supported all of my creative ventures. They took me from travel agency to travel agency to get brochures for my imaginary travel agency and videotaped commercials for my imaginary stores. They’ve always encouraged me to do work that I love—and through this business, I certainly do! 

None of my training or work experience is directly related to the work I do for this business, but I’ve loved all the hats I’ve worn!

I grew up in the voice over and jingle industry in New York and continued that work as an adult in California. When I was just a tiny bit older than the Little Bee is now, I was lucky enough to get to say phrases like, “Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids!” and sing, “I’m sorry…” for Bounty’s catchy campaign. I continued doing voice over work as an adult (I was honored to get to voice Stella for Nickelodeon’s Winx Club) while also pursuing a teaching career. I went to undergrad and grad school at Pepperdine University. Got my advanced degrees in education, and began teaching Special Education at the middle school level. 

I loved so many things about teaching, but the thing I loved the most was helping a child break through a specific challenge. Difficulty keeping their backpack organized? Together we’d create a structure that worked for them. Can’t concentrate unless some part of their body was moving? We’d attach a little bungee cord to the bottom of their desk. It was all about problem solving together to help them become more independent. And although I’m no longer a classroom teacher, my focus has remained the same: empowering kids to take ownership of their daily tasks. That is the joy!


About Marlo (the Little Bee)

Marlo is an inventor (the Marker Parker!), a student, and an all around beautiful human with the kindest heart. She has been honored with her school’s citizenship award more than once (says this enormously proud mama). She loves digging for rocks, cooking, going to the farmer’s market, and doing science experiments. 

She does voice over from time to time. She has voiced a talking doll for Mattel, a young Bachelorette on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and a little girl in an upcoming feature film.

She is my inspiration, my business partner, and my reason for everything!



US20200390257A1, USD896016S1, USD844901S1, USD773860S1, USD855356S1 (Stay tuned for more!)



A BIG Moment for the Bees

This picture was captured by a buybuyBABY customer when she found me weeping in the aisle of the store. It was the first time I'd seen one of our products on display in a major retail store.

There is no way I can adequately describe what I felt in that moment. Standing there with the Little Bee, spotting that product that was inspired by her, displayed amongst so many other products created by brands I've admired for so long. I remember trying to explain to Marlo why I was crying. And I remember her acknowledging my words for a moment, then promptly moving on to see all the other colorful products available in front of her (as kids do!).

I decided to buy one, and I surprised myself by what I said at the register. I told the extremely nice cashier that the product was ours, and how we created the product from start to finish. I even showed her Marlo's face on the packaging. Now that may not seem like such an odd thing to say and do, but it was completely unlike me. I tend to get shy about these things. But I was just having aaalllll the feelings and couldn't help myself. I can't imagine I'll ever forget that experience. Just me and my Little Bee having an especially fabulous day.