Our Commitment to Minimal Packaging

There are many reasons a product needs packaging, from protecting it from damage to making it presentable for gifting. But we believe that for many products, there is little reason to make that packaging disposable.

Is it more expensive to create reusable packaging? It certainly can be. However, in the long run, there’s usually much greater value to the end user. For this reason, we do our best to design packaging that can be used over and over again. ScrubBEE packaging that doubles as a soap saver, Clean Bee packaging that doubles as a produce sack, and so on.

Although we believe you can usually package a product without creating excessive waste, we recognize that it’s not always possible at this time. You’ll occasionally see a product of ours on a brick-and-mortar store shelf with single-use packaging. If you receive it from certain online marketplaces, it may arrive in a poly bag. If you do, it’s because it’s required, and we haven’t found a way around it just yet. Keyword: yet. We promise, we’re working on it.

At this time, more than 80% of our products are delivered to our customers in a multifunctional package, with only the addition of a paper hang tag. 100% of the products purchased through our own website are delivered in this way.

Continually working to decrease our impact on the environment is a commitment we make to you, and a commitment we make to our beautiful planet!